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Perfect way to apply nail polish

  Girls we tend to all like to apply cosmetics however it’s vital to use cosmetics utterly. Applying cosmetics with technique is very important. Friends i’m not AN skilled in everything. however i like to own good cosmetics. Applying cosmetics utterly desires countless follow. i attempted lots by applying nail paint daily. I guess, nowadays I will apply cosmetics higher ... Read More »

Fashion Tips for desi women 2015

The desi world is without doubt a culture filled with beauty and attractiveness. Pakistani Desi girls ar naturally lovely and that they additionally knowledge to wear the foremost bright and enticing dresses. We feel wherever they lack generally is their grasp of the newest fashion trends in Asian country. however fret no additional, as we have a tendency to ar ... Read More »

How to make up your Eyes for evening

  When evening concerns a exciting look, you wish to concentrate on creating your eyes wonderful. Here square measure eight straightforward steps to creating up your eyes for evening. 1. preparation your eyes with concealer. Concealer may be wont to hide below eye circles or simply the dark-blue discoloration slightly below your inner eye. to hide dark below eye circles, ... Read More »