Tamil Aunty Aarushi is divorced seeking a partner

Tamil Aunty Aarushi

Tamil Aunty Aarushi is divorced seeking a partner

As a caring individual, I am a tamil aunty and attempt towards the well-being of my family. Thus, as a result of my mother’s sickness, I had to go away my job. but I do love understanding of the house furthermore. For me, family comes first! I expect my life partner to family-oriented furthermore, as i really like defrayment time with others, furthermore as partaking in my favorite pass-times/hobbies together with reading, uptake a range of foods, oil painting, looking at movies and of recent, many Tamil TV shows. many physical attributes includes that have a medium build and a height of 5’4, with a good to wheatish complexion.

I will dish out a delicious meal however i would like my future husband to equally share the employment (know cooking?). My most desired quality in my future husband is true friendly relationship and mutual respect. i feel that wedding may be a life-long relationship supported love, trust, respect, and commitment from each persons and each ought to work equally towards the marriage’s success.

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